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AGRO FlexFrame is BPW’s solution in the area of tandem running gears. A concept for the modern agricultural vehicle producer. Axle loads with 2 x 12 tonnes at 40 km/h.
A custom-designed frame. Parallel crossmembers for tippers and flatbed transporters, portal crossmembers for slurry tanks and silo transports.

The FlexFrame developed by BPW is a tandem running gear with 2 x 12 tonnes axle load at 40 km/h. Its special feature is the standardised concept for connection to the vehicle frame. The entire running gear is secured to the vehicle frame with 22 M20 bolts. Thanks to this complete system with many options, the delivery time is greatly reduced and the vehicle manufacturer gains greater flexibility. The possibilities are endless, from the choice of the suspension system to the fitting of the brake system all the way to the complete integration of a hydraulic steering system.

BPW FlexFrame

BPW Agro FlexFrame

BPW AGRO FlexFrame
High-end solution

Your benefits at a glance

  • Shorter and flexible delivery time
  • FMEA-certified frame construction
  • Documented threshold time measurement
  • Increased flexibility thanks to self-steering/positive steering
  • Modular system with standardised interface
  • Upgrade with components from premium partners
  • Parallel or portal design

Features and benefits

  • Flexible concept for air, hydropneumatic suspension
  • Individual series solution
  • Longer maintenance interval
  • Increased ground clearance

General data

  • 3 types of air suspension: standard, with traction assist or raising and
  • 3 types of HP suspension: BPW Basic, BPW eHP Standard or Premium
  • Compressed air brake system: conventional, ABS, EBS
  • Ready for tyre pressure control system
  • BPW speed sensor
  • Ready for electronic hydraulic steering systems
  • Integrated steering angle sensor

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Portal crossmembers

Optimised arrangement for slurry tanks


Parallel crossmember

Optimised arrangement for tippers


BPW Agro FlexFrame

Standard with AGRO Turn


BPW AGRO FlexFrame


Agricultural brake systems


Agricultural bearings


BPW Agricultural catalogue


BPW maintenance intervals


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