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With a variety of the permissible axle loads (up to 8.5 t) and different wheel brakes designed for individual applications, BPW offers an extensive range of braked axles with solid axle beams. They are provided as standard with camber to reduce tyre wear. Like all BPW running gear products, solid axles are also provided with cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating.

BPW Bremsachsen

Features and benefits

Durable components due to special BPW geometry and material quality

KTLZn-coating for optimum corrosion protection

Axle with camber for reduced tyre wear

Load-adapted square axle beam of 50 - 100 mm

Brakes of 300 x 60 up to 400 x 80 mm, depending on application

Axles equipped with slack adjuster (GSK) for easier brake adjustment (option)

High-quality DIN-ISO roller bearings, available worldwide


BPW braked axles (solid axle beam)


Braked axles (for 80 km/h)


Agricultural brake systems


Agricultural bearings


BPW Agricultural catalogue


BPW maintenance intervals


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