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The required brake cylinder stroke increases as the brake lining thickness declines. The slack adjuster makes up for this change and keeps the brake cylinder stroke in the optimum zone of action at all times.

Brake linings and brake drums are wear parts. The brake cylinder stroke increases as the material thickness declines. This causes an increased rotation of the brake camshaft. This process is regulated automatically by the automatic adjustment mechanism of the ECO Master slack adjuster. Thus the brake cylinder is always kept in the same, optimum zone of action. In addition, the adjustment stroke ensures that even considering higher elasticity and thermal expansion of the adjacent components (e.g. brake drum), an adequate brake clearance is maintained.

Available versions:
Brake levers may have different shape and offset depending on the respective installation conditions.

– Automatic (AGS) and manual slack adjuster (GSK)
– Installed on BPW drum brake axle


Features and benefits

Functionality optimally adapted to the drum brake

Constantly high braking effect during the entire service life of brake lining

High wear resistance

Optimum sealing against dirt and water

Reduced service

Easy and quick assembly and disassembly

Four-hole lever can be used as a scale for EC brake calculation

Clear view of brake lining wear indicator

Forged brake lever provides optimum strength and allows lever end modifications


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