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Running gears from BPW offer robust technology for a long vehicle service life. An important quality feature of our products is cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating (KTLZn), a special surface finish that provides 5 times more effective corrosion protection than the conventional painting processes. From axle to the complete suspension with frame, all products from BPW receive a series KTL-coating.

Optimum finish from the very start

During the cataphoretic dip-coating, the KTL-coating pigments (positive charge) deposit on the electrically conducting components (negative charge) with a uniform thickness. Subsequently this layer is burnt in.

BPW computer-controlled KTLZn system meets the high-tech standards achieved in the application of corrosion protection in car production and sets the global standards for coating quality in trailer chassis.

Features and Benefits

Extensive corrosion protection, even in inaccessible places such as cavities (5 times better than conventional primers with topcoat finish)

Minimum rust creepage, e.g. after surface damage by stone or chipping strikes

High chemical resistance, e.g. when high-pressure cleaners are used with detergent additives

Long service life for the entire BPW chassis

Outstanding appearance: surfaces without drips or runs and with an even coat thickness

No further topcoat required. Individual gloss finish and colour requirements can be fulfilled by additional coating with cost-effective topcoat systems without pretreatment.

High surface harness: less transport and assembly damage

Eco-friendly coating process: no release of environmental pollutantse

Easy maintenance and repair

Reduced downtime

High heat resistance


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