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We make axles communicate

The BPW weighing system

The AGRO Hub with axle load sensor was developed and adjusted in consideration of the characteristics and behaviour of the axle beam

Stable signal in difficult off-road environment:
The strain gauge is specially mounted in order to avoid sensor movement and send a stable signal.

Smoothing driving surges for the measurement:
The AGRO Hub algorithm was developed to equalize impacts caused by road-bumps for the dynamical measurements.

Your benefits at a glance

Dynamical total weight measurement

Stable signal in difficult off-road conditions and under extreme temperature fluctuations

Optimal operating costs by monitoring the total weight and the payload

Simple calibration

Highest reliability due to the development especially for the BPW axle beam

BPW axle load sensor

Know how it went, and what it weighs

Technical specifications
Operating voltage 8 – 30 VDC
Output current 4 – 20 mA
intrinsic current consumption < 10 mA
Temperature range -40°C bis +70°C
EMC resistance nach EN ISO 14982:1998
Protection class IP 67 nach DIN EN 60529
Connection type 3 pol. AMP Superseal




BPW Agrar-Katalog


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