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BPW-Hungária Kft. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BPW Group.

BPW-Hungária Kft.




Axle stubs | Trailed axles | Braked axles | Axles with reversing mechanism | Drawbar assemblies

AGRO Turn | Positive steering systems | Single-cylinder steering axle


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BPW FlexFrame

Suspension units

FlexFrame | Control of Hydro-pneumatic suspension units | Hydro-pneumatic suspension units | Air suspension units | Tandem axle suspension units | Spring suspension units | Pendle axle units


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BPW AgroHub

Other products

Brake clyinder | Air bags | ECO Master slack adjuster | Axle lift devices |  Trailer coupling

ABS Sensor | Lenkwinkelsensor | Speed sensor


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Quality needs a strong partner

Professional operators demand the highest performance from their machinery.  It is operated round the clock, not just during the ploughing and harvesting periods. With very high payloads and subject to extreme ground conditions in some cases, the next job is never far away. Under these circumstances, every single component of the running gear must be designed to meet continuously increasing requirements in order to guarantee high protection against failure.

The brands of the BPW group:

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