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BPW bogie suspension can be universally used for many vehicle types such as tankers, loaders, tippers, transport trailers, etc. Due to the large equalisation between the axles of approx. 300 mm, the bogie suspension unit is very suitable for off-road application. At the same time, this suspension unit convinces with its excellent spring characteristics in on-road applications. Axles equipped with ABS and AGS can be used for speeds of up to 65 km/h.

Doopelachs Aggregate

Features and benefits

Stable design

Optimum adaptation to the ground contours due to the large pendulum radius

Increased payload due to the reduced weight

Low drag resistance due to the asymmetric springs and optimised traction point of the swinging bearing

Optimised function of spring seat assembly due to the positive clamping design (GSBW 11010 with welded spring seat assembly)

Available with complete brake system (option)

Low height due to the installation of the axles above the springs (option)

Central lubrication system (option)

Preparation for tyre pressure control system RDS (option)


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