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Outstanding quality and reliability thanks to optimised, high-quality components.
The integrated spindle-knuckle and steering-fork of the AGRO Turn products are made exclusively of forged and tempered steel.



AGRO Turn – top quality

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimum brake chamber bracket position
  • Easy steering stop adjustment
  • Better manoeuvrability thanks to larger steering angle
  • Shielded brake camshaft
  • Maintenance-free, integrated draglink

Features and benefits

  • Weight reduction
  • Fewer parts
  • Forged upright group

General data

  • GSLL version
  • Maximum axle load 13.5 t at 40 km/h
  • Maximum speed 65 km/h
  • 28° maximum steering angle with positive steering
  • Axle beam 150 x 16 mm
  • Single cylinder solution

The BPW AGRO Turn - New, down to the last detail

New high-tech concept

New high-tech concept:

A forged steering fork replaces the axle knuckle. The combination of steering fork and integrated spindle-knuckle replaces the steering housing with knuckle. Both steering fork and spindle-knuckle are forged and tempered.

Mountable, adjustable brake chamber bracket

Mountable, adjustable brake chamber bracket:

The brake chamber bracket, which can be mounted in different positions, makes it easier for the customer to fit tyres of different sizes. An adjustable brake chamber bracket means more flexibility and greater ground clearance.

Repositioned brake camshaft

Repositioned brake camshaft:

The position of the brake camshaft has been turned by 10° towards the rear. This opens up more space for an increased steering angle and gives adequate room for the suspension.

Optimised steering pivot seals for durability

Optimised steering pivot seals for durability:

The lubrication interval for the steering pivot bearing is increased significantly with the new steering pivot seal.

New steering stop solution

New steering stop solution:

The stop for adjusting the steering angle is situated in an easily accessible position on the outer piston rod.

New brake camshaft bearing

New brake camshaft bearing:

The new brake camshaft bearing is located in a tube to protect it from dirt.




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