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Mechanical Load-dependent Brake force regulator

The unique solution for the requirements imposed by regulation EU 2015/68

Mechanical load-dependent brake force regulator (MLB) for adjusting the pressure values during the brake actuation of unsuspended trailers.

Benefits that convince

Wide range of applications
Suitable for all unsuspended agricultural trailers up to 30 or 40 km/h that, for technicalreasons, can not be equipped with a self-acting load-dependent brake force regulator.

Easy operation
Safe and simple adjustment of the stages due to the special square holes.

Outstanding efficiency
With a brake system equipped with an MLB, an entire vehicle series (different versions with different vehicle weights and tyres) can be covered and homologated.

EU compliant
Complete fulfilment of the prescribed compatibility requirements for proportional pressure control.

The program disc can be adapted to the individual requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.


The legal requirements

In order to ensure a higher level of safety for agricultural trailers and machines, the EU legislation (EU 2015/68) places increased demands on the brake systems.

Relevant Regulations

Mode of operation of the BPW MLB in accordance with the requirements of the EU regulation for vehicles with a permissible speed over 30 km/h

In the velocity range above 30 km/h, the applicable EU regulations must be adhered.

In the two- and three-stage manual controllers, that were mentioned before, the regulation is occurred by pressure limitation. This does not comply with the requirements of EU 2015/68. The BPW MLB works, in contrast to a hand controller, with a proportional pressure control. As a result, the output pressure remains proportional to the control pressure. This kind of control fully complies with the requirements of the EU regulation.

Diagram pressure control

BPW recommendation for the use of the BPW MLB

Category Ra
Interchangeable towed equipment
Category Sa
Range of velocity
0 to 30 km/h
Range of velocity
over 30 to 40 km/h
ALB required

Unsprung vehicles, or if there are technical reasons against equipping the vehicles with an ALB (automatic load-sensing brake regulator), agricultural vehicles or machines shall be equipped with a manual brake force adjustment device (full – half – empty). If there are two defined loading conditions in use, a two-stage setting option is required (loaded – empty).

The BPW MLB complies with the requirements for these applications with a pure mechanical solution.

Advantages of the BPW MLB in the homologation of vehicles (machines)

For vehicles of category S (equipment for soil cultivation) modularity is an important feature. There are application specific, modularly different work equipment attached to the vehicle. For this reason, the total weight of the vehicle always changes.

The BPW MLB enables the vehicle manufacturer to homologise a vehicle serie with different attachments and with varying total weights (with the same brake types and brake devices) in accordance with only one type of EU approval.


Mechanical load-dependent brake force regulator


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